Spurs Europa Conference League Ends After UEFA Ruling

As reported in London Metro News, Spurs have been shown the door in the Europa Conference League after UEFA ruled that the Covid hit London team had forfeited their game against Rennes.

In a statement that was designed to show that the rules were the primary reason for the decision, UEFA said:


To declare the UEFA Conference League group stage match between Tottenham Hotspur and Rennes that was initially scheduled to play on December 9 2021 as forfeited by Tottenham…[Tottenham] is therefore deemed to have lost the match 3-0 in accordance with annex J.3.1 to the regulations of the UEFA Conference League.’



Tottenham Face A Choice Between A Rock and A Hard Place


In the new reality, Tottenham faced a near impossible task to carry out the fixture against Rennes as Covid depleted their squad for the match. With the Premier League season now being massively hit by Covid, the EPL itself has either postponed or rescheduled many fixtures, sending the season into chaos.

Rennes, who found that Tottenham would not carry out the fixture, released a statement showing a great deal of anger at the decision by the North London team, saying:


“This lack of fair play is all the more flagrant as Tottenham confirmed by email early this afternoon that the match would be held before informing us of their intention not to play after we landed at London City airport.”


And now, UEFA have backed the feelings of the French team, awarding a 3-0 loss to Spurs, effectively booting them out of the Europa Conference League with a 3rd place finish. Whilst this should not be seen as a loss to new manager Antonio Conte, the decision by UEFA effectively does just that, and means that Tottenham have one less opportunity to continue Conte’s winning ways with the North London side.


Hard To See UEFA continuing With A Hard Line


Whilst it seems that all available options for Spurs have been exhausted with their European campaign for this season, UEFA may find themselves under scrutiny. With new variants of Covid-19 throwing most teams into all sorts of confusion and chaos, last minute cancellations of fixtures may well become quite frequent.

As such, UEFA may need to demonstrate a greater deal of flexibility in future, or risk major rebellion from it’s member clubs.



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